You’re Invited!

It is with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement that I invite each of you to use my dogs.  We truly look forward to showing you our operation including our sheep operation as well as the dogs that are involved.  You can observe the dog’s presence in our operation.  Our loss to predators is less than one-half of one percent due to the dog’s involvement!!  They are definitely shepherds. 

Our dogs have been placed with operators from Wyoming, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Minnesota.  We can make arrangement to get dogs to you wherever you are living.  We have dogs available for sale from the “puppy size” to “adult” dogs. 

My dogs are healthy and socialized.  We run four to five adult dogs per 800-1000 ewes with a herder.  In the winter the dogs come to the ranch headquarters with the sheep; they are very socialized even sleeping with the cats; however, all friendships are off if the cat goes into a pen of lambs.  The cat will be dead momentarily!!  These dogs guard sheep, calves and colts on this ranch all with “pride.” These dogs are trustworthy, attentive and protective…all wrapped up into one package.

These large dogs are bred to be heavy-coated impervious to cold and snow and courageous enough to protect the flock against “wolves,” “bear,” “coyotes” and  “other predators.”  Research shows guard dogs relax sheep and tend to travel great distances in the presence of a guard dog. 

The Akbash Dog is one of the oldest of the flock-guarding group of dogs.  The Akbash Dogs are large, lean, muscular and powerful with elegant, racy appearance.  Their mental traits are awesome.  The Akbash comes from the Turkish work for “white head,” they are suspected of being a cross between native mastiff-type dogs and a rather coarse native sight hound.  This dog is very streamlined, stands 28-31 inches at the shoulder, the male weighs about 90-130 pounds; the females are 27-29 inches and tip the scales at 75-100 pounds.  The character is that of the Anatolian; the coat is white, sometimes with biscuit markings, and can be long or medium length with feathering on the tail and legs. These dogs are calm, quiet and brave.  They are very, very intelligent, independent and protective.  They are bred to think for themselves. They are non-odorous with non-matting coats.  Their learning rate/problem solving skills is exceptionally high!.  These dogs originally were bred in Turkey traced back to 1st century A.D.; US credit goes to Americans David and Judy Nelson who studied the Turkey dogs beginning in 1970.  The Nelson’s imported 40 Akbash Dogs to the United States, thus these dogs became the foundation stock for the breed in the United States and Canada.



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