Our breeding program is the development of a dual-purpose Rambouillet and SAMM (German Meat Merino) based on genetics.  We have full blooded Rambouillet ewes and rams plus 15/16 or greater SAMM ewes and rams.  15/16 is considered purebred by the animal breeding community.  Our SAMM foundation was purchased as replacement ewes and rams from the Kitzan Sheep, Nisland, SD.  The Rambouillet genetis have come the two of the countryís best breeders that just happen to be from our state.  The rams have been purchased from the Tim Brown operation, Buffalo, SD, and the females from the John Johnsonís, Belle Fourche, SD.  Our other genetics were purchased through complete dispersions of the Chuck Winn flock (Colorado/Utah) ; Georgine Le Bar Estate (Douglas, Wyoming); ewes from the Chew Brothers (Colorado/Utah).

We are breeders of fine wool sheep that put pounds on your lamb, increase production and longevity of your herd.  These are range sheep not pampered ewes.

These ewes are out of season breeders as well as in season breeders.  We have been breeding about every month of the year with total success.  We are able to get three crops of lambs in two years.

If you are interested in any of these ewes or replacements lambs contact us as soon as possible.  Interest in breeding stock is high.  Evening is always the best time to call or please come and visit.  It is best to make appointments as we are not always near the headquarters.  Looking forward to having you spend time with us.


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